Privacy Policy

Privacy is a huge concern. We value you as a customer, and respect your rights. Everything we do at IORacks is private. We do not give out or sell customer information. Respect the privacy of IORacks and other customers by not giving it private information for the protection and adherence to policy for all our customers and our own employees. Respecting the right to privacy is very important to us as a corporation. We respect you.

Eligibility & Registration

Resistration to be a customer is voluntary. Any information we collect is held in confidence, and will not be shared with anyone other than other employees for the purpose of doing business with you as our valued customer.

  1. Compulsary registration
  2. Privacy observance
  3. Customer first
  4. Total customer care and service
  5. Satisfaction guaranteed
Payments and Billing

Service and account billing is from the beginning of each month. No services will be rendered for free. Any adds or coupons that alter the price must be within compliance of these policies, or they are void. Please pay your bill promptly and keep a current credit card on file. Any attempts to steal from IORacks or to defraud IORakcs or its third party vendors and partners will be turned over to the FBI and local police, as well as any and all other local, federal, and international polcing and investigating bodies if criminal behavior is noted by any of our customers, third party vendors, or partners with or without notice to the customer, or other party. We will do our best to alert you as our customer right away if it appears that any violation has been made so that you may correct your statis within the law. We are not responsible for the content delivered from any of our customers from our web servers, all penaulty of illegal activity is on you. Be on your best behavior or your account may be terminated without refund.